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my head hurts. [Saturday
2:22pm January 20th]
[ mood | blah ]

i'm updating. isn't this exciting. i've also conviced rick & britt to do the same.

uhm i broke out in this one spot on my forehead & my face looks like a pizza, but i guess it could be worse, i could look like broccoli. yuck.

ok i'm over it. meet me like on facebook or something.

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10:17pm March 27th]
[ mood | im feeling a lil "two faced" ]

according to a source i am a "two faced bitch"..first of all let's define two faced  shall we:  

two-faced (tfst)
  1. Having two faces or surfaces. (definately only have one face..) 
  2. Deceitful (ok tell me how that applies to the situation. o wait ill answer that 4 you..IT DOESNT)

okay so basically it pisses me off when people who dont have their stories straight judge you and hate you behind your back without actually coming to you with the problem just to see if there ACTUALLY IS ONE. which in this case, there wasnt. but some people are too THICK HEADED and EGOCENTRICAL to realize this. oh yes my dear i know what these terms mean and i know they apply to you. look them up..maybe that will help. yes and what does she do? holds a pity party on her livejournal calling me bad names. it's like her livejournal is a billboard to make fun of me. relle nice friend i HAD huh? so now all her friends sympathize with her and hate me when no one fucking knows the story. so i commend you for creating 8th grade drama once again. honestly, i think you create your own problems and convince urself that they are not ur fault. this is where i come in. u blame me for all the problems in ur life. you used to tell me was the reason you weren't pretty enough.. and I am the cause of all the drama in your life. news flash..i barely talk to u..how can i create drama? i dont know if u do it for self pity, attention, to make urself feel better, or because u know no other way than to blame other people. i feel sorry for u, but its ok because i am not you. i wont tolerate you for another second. and yes, as i read this i realize im doing the same thing to you that u did to me..posted shit about me on your journal and now im doing it too. it almost made me want to delete the entry because that felt bad. then i remembered that im not a very nice person and i did it anyway.

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anyone wanna camp at cypress with me? [Saturday
1:22am February 26th]
[ mood | skeptical vs. not ]

hey hey!

im skeptical..then im not skeptical...im skeptical..then im not skeptical..like 10 minutes ago i want skeptical..but like right now im skeptical..

moooooving into the AMAZONNNNN!!

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10:53pm February 22nd]
[ mood | bitchy ]

see subject.

chem test tomorrow..dont know if im gonna study.

adam lost his baseball game. but he didnt even invite me to it so whatever.

i need another job coz im sick of spending $7 on conditioner every week.

fuck you amazon green carpet!

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5:53pm February 17th]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

omg i just put money in my mouth! now i prolly have smallpox. =/

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there`s more in this world than we see.. [Tuesday
9:53pm February 15th]
[ mood | undecided ]

aww everyone should go download the Lindsay Lohan video called "Over"..it`s soo sad.

I`m really confused right now..see the problem is I`m not good enough to get into UF and I`m scared I`m gonna lose all my friends that are in fact going there..and it`s really a horrible feeling. I know college in a sense is a little ways away but the time is gonna go sooo fast and I`m just gonna end up getting closer to these people that I`m gonna lose. Why couldn`t i have formed better studying habits growing up? I know getting into UCF is cool too coz it`s still college, but I hate losing people I love. And as i sit here and talk about bad study habits, I`m still not smart enough to get up and study 4 that psych test I have tomorrow. i don`t get myself at all. I wish people didn`t just look at me as "dumb".I wanna have substance. Don`t worry..this isn`t a pity party for myself, I just wanted to say what i`ve been thinking about alot lately.

Other than school being soo repetitive and the detentions and my college worries, my life is actually pretty good. I`m geting good grades in "remedial" math, I`m a step closer to getting my car, I`m trying to fo things for myself for a change, and most importantly my boyfriend is completely amazing and i`m so lucky i have him.

does anyone wanna do anything this weekend that doesn`t involve something we normally doo..coz it`s getting kinda old. AND i`m planning a vaca 4 the first week of summer so if any1 wants in, hOlleR at me! lol

did i mention i sent Corll a Happy Valentine`s Letter? lol i don`t know what got into mee..i felt like bein nice.


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i just wanna liivvveeee.. [Friday
3:28pm February 11th]
[ mood | happy ]

i wanna go play tennis with eggs and slide doen a slip n slide covered in ice cream and now thanks to robert, play golf with oranges and start my own sitcom about it.

Gator56909 (3:33:44 PM): you could take a giant sheet of paper
Gator56909 (3:33:49 PM): and throw paintballs at it
Gator56909 (3:34:13 PM): put firecrackers in apples

lol god i loovee those ideas..too bad the apple thing does`nt work =/

<33 JAMiE LyNN ScHeeR

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hOlleR! [Wednesday
4:18pm February 9th]
Hey Hey peoples!!

Welll liberal arts has been good to mee..i have a 99 in math!! 4 like the first time in my life i don`t wanna skip math. yayyy

Todayy ms. mckinley called me an overachiever..me? an overachiever?! that`s not all though..you`re probably expecting this buuuttt she was like.."oh you are such an overacheiver. not a smart overachiever. but an overachiever. oh no that came out wrong." yeaaa right ms.mckinely that was a low blow but i still think she`s the mad coolest black teacher everrr!

I have an interview on Monday the 14th for some summer camp..the Linda lady on the fone was sooo nice..we even discussed my poor driving skills and sense of direction. Hopefully that`s not a qualification 4 the job.

After work, where I am now, I think I'm gonna goo to eat dinner with m Chanyy babyyy!! Of course, you know, I would get to spend time with my Adam but he decided he doesn`t wanna have me come to the baseball dinner later. Whhyyy?! I think it`s dick, even tho i`d rather see my Chanyy and not listen to his fatso coach talk, but it`s the fact that he didn`t want me to go. Don`t get me wrong, I`m not mad at all, just kinda disappointed.

I think I`m gonna switch my layout to Jessica Simpon and Nick Lacheyy. Cute riight?

TOnight`s Wednesday whch means NEWLYWEDS and ASHLEE SIMPSON SHOW tOnite!!!!

<33 JAMiE-LyNN SCheeR
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3:57pm February 2nd]
[ mood | bitchy ]


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pictures!! [Sunday
9:45pm December 12th]
[ mood | sweet like sugar ]

haha oh yes very funny. so today is my birthday..it was a relaxing day cause i spent it in bed with my canadian loverr!

anyways here are pictures from vanessa's camera from the party last night....and then just some random ones from my computer that i felt like adding..



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10:21pm December 8th]
[ mood | sleepy ]

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10:45pm December 5th]


question of the day: is egg nog 100 year old egg? or it it parmesean that's 100 year old cheese?

today was the start of my birthday week! and today's present was this absouletly adorable snow globe from Victoria's Secret. It sooo cute it has clothes, makeup and vanity in it and its pink and black. sooo better than ice cream!

my weekend..
friday night elsa came down..we hung out with adam, jaime, and trevor. it was pretty cool. i got to taste bacardi 151. well..maybe i got to do a little more than taste. its gross btw and it makes u have to pee really bad. that is unless i had to pee b4 i started drinking it. but u will never ever be able to get me to pee in bush!! then me and elsa got to bryans at like 3 and slept there..and then left the next morning at 7 ish so we could go babysit with Anita, and I dyed Elsa's hair red. Very hott. That was funn..and Anita is soo grown up and i LOVE her hair! Then I went home, dyed my hair brown (made an attempt) and then went to Stephen's and then Eleni's and slept there. At Eleni's we finally went to bed at 5 and then woke up around 9? yeahhh i'm really sleep deprived right now. and then me and eleni went to the boca mall where there was a topless abercrombie model in front of the store. soo hott. and then we had some low fat cold coffee thing. that was soo amazing.

=( I have 3 tests tomorrow..and I have to go into school mad early to take a test. I prolly won't get to bed til 1..and I have to wake up at like 6. Therefore furthering my sleep deprivation.

My birthday is in 7 days and my party's in 6!


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i still need to read the mckinley chapter 13 [Friday
7:16pm November 26th]
[ mood | flirty ]

--> *heyyy* <--

yesterday i spent the 2nd 1/2 of thanksgiving with chantal, adam, eleni, and bryan. we watched a few movies..then me and eleni went 4 a walk to the park ..[god damn it was cold outside]..and on the way there was this house that had this weird chant music comin from it really loudly. it was psycho. eleni thought they were some kind of natives that were gonna come out and like eat us or somthing. after sayin that she suggested we go chill in their back yard and play the whole 007 card. nuh uh. not after u tell me they are gonna like eat us. so i turkey-ed out on that one.

ughh its friday night and im at home *decking the halls* with mi madre y padre bcoz i got in trouble 4 something like 3 weeks ago. i bet no1 really remembers what i did. i guess its not so bad coz mommy got me dinner at panera and this fricken cute ass purse w/matchin wallet. i swear..its orgasmic. i mite just have to let it sleep with me.

tomorrow at 9 30 in the morning im supposed to go to the beach with adam, chantal, and eleni. woo hoo im gonna be one black biotch. err maybe a lil pink..

o yeah. my birthday is soon. im almost 17 which means i am almost 18, which means im almost 21, which means im almost 30. which means im pretty much dead. i guess ill begin the will.

o yeah [x2]. im really excited cause my boobs are getting bigger.

o yeah [x3]. i love adam. he is so cute.

--> *JAMiE* <--

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underneath this smile.. [Tuesday
9:13pm November 23rd]
[ mood | sad ]

1. im grounded friday for apparently no reason.
2. im no where near good enough to get into college.
3. driving creeps me the fuck out.
4. i failed the chemisrty test today.
5. im very scared to go see the doctor tomorrow.
6. i think my life is a lie.
7. my hair is dying, and nothing is working.
8. the only thing that makes me happy, made me cry.
9. i think adam hates me.

..wanna add to the fun?..

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i wish i could count to 10 and make everything b wonderful again [Wednesday
9:25pm November 17th]
[ mood | crappy ]

never ever never bid for anything on ebay! you are gonna get stuck with a purse and the shipping on it will be more than the purse. not that i'd know from personal experience or anything. and it's true..they really do have bagels with cream cheese on ebay. lol julie. yea for a simple 3.50..and double that 4 shipping. how does that work? the picture they have is the bagel already all cream cheesed up. doesnt it go bad?!

today was gay. i went to school. tomorrow will be gay. i have to go to school again. friday will be homosexual..until after school of course. i get to go get my birth control. woO! did i mention my period needs to come like now . !! ..nope it didn't work..i still don't have it.

mwahahahaaaa my mom just got her boob caught in the sliding glass door.


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11:08pm November 12th]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

my dayy was..useless yet worth it..and then not so worth it..then worth it again.

this morning i got up mad early to go in early and take a fuckin algebra test. i got a 40 on it. thats where the not worth it part comes in. went to dike land, took a test. again, totally sucked.english sucked cause all she do is talk and bore me to death and make me wanna cut myself. and seriously, shes assigns wayy too many things.

buuut i fianlly got my god damn taco bell!! ms mckinley was driving me crazy and i finally got it! woO!

afterschool wasn't so bad. i got to see my little julie. lol..and laugh at her cause she likes to depress herself with country music.

then i got to see my adam because we went to the play. ah! so good! ive never ever seen beauty and the beast b4 and this was a good way to see it 4 a first time. sad..i knoww..

4 sum reason i wanna rent Wrong Turn and watch it with random people just to see who it freaks out. it stopped freakin me out after like the 10th time. but no1 has seen that god damn movie.

all in all my day was kinda worth it cause i got to chill with my home dawg adam and try and find the big dipper..god i need my eyes checked!


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ms mckinley makes me crave taco bell.. [Monday
2:17pm November 8th]
[ mood | pissed off ]

i cannot stand chemistry. whyy oh whyy am i in that class?! my grade is officially a 66 and she is a dike.

i found something out today about someone i thought was pretty cool. i officially think she can rot in hell.

my day is getting progressively worse as i just accidentially kicked my foot into the desk and hit my head on the computer.

now 4 my weekend..
i got into a car accident with adam. everything's okay though..just not the car. i got totally trashed on saturday, sucks tho coz chantal went home early.and on sunday i hung out with my adam so i was happy. =)

ooh i am happy i get to make dinner with chany tonite. well, that is if im not under house arrest 4 the chem grade.

</3 JAMiE-LyNN

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6:53pm November 5th]
[ mood | crazy ]


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..id rather be at the beach.. [Monday
2:28pm November 1st]
[ mood | sick ]

woO! my life must be a joke.

remember that psych project that i never did and never presented and never intended on doing? well..mr pachuta gave me an 80% on the essay and an 80% on the presentation. unbelieveable.

my grades are amazing. i almost have straight A's. that too is unbelieveable.
ive been doing my math homework. another sign of unbelieveable.

my day pretty much sucked. berkey can lick carlos' balls. and corll-give-me-a-test-every-god-damn-day-of-the-week can lick my feet. trust me, they are dirrty right now.

and i was sick all weekend. sickness can suck adam's big toe. or perhaps stephen's boxers.

*how was everyone's Halloween and Haunted Whore Nights??


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...hit me hard make me lose my breath... [Tuesday
2:18pm October 26th]
[ mood | do-gooder ]

okay. so im walking to mckinley and i pass austin and he says mckinley caught a whole buncha people cheaing, but she didnt catch me. and i was like woah okay. so then i get to mckinley and she was really pissed off saying she has a buncha cheaters and shes gonna be watching everyone1. okay woahh again. then she comes over to me, jaime, and jj and she was like hmm the 3 of you got the same score last test, which we didnt. triple woahh. no1 got caught cheating in our class today thank god! at the end of the test jj and i realize we changed the exact same 2 answers, got the same extra credit, and got the original answers from the same person. but oh, it gets better. jaime also did the same essay and got the same extra credit points, and got the same set of answers from laduke. so now..id say we are screwed!! stephen, i hope you werent one of the ones caught..i really do.

update to this weekends plans: bryan is still having the party on friday night, but we are supposed to keep it hush hush and since i know the people reading this are most likely already going, its okay that i announced it. AND eleni is having a party the same place on saturday night. that one isnt so hush hush cause she asked me to invite some people, especially hott boys. lol..so is any1 interested?

ahhh julie! i felt so bad today after we were sayin that shit about pachuta fallin asleep during ur project after he said hes developing a brain disease. i wanted to give him a hug im dead serious, but i was afraid he was gonna ask where my project is! haha

i have A's and B's in all my classes.. i am SO0O0O0 excited !!

and is ms corll absolutely insane for giving us a test everyday for the next week and a half? YES! YES SHE IS!

woO! im outtie like stephen's bellybutton and vlad's car.. okay well if it was spelled the same way it would work..but it still sounds the same.

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